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Chuckles Cover Love #48

If there is one thing that makes a great book even better, it is when it has a cover that we love! The cover design is what catches the eye as we browse through a bookstore shelf or check out the Amazon or Goodreads recommendations. The right cover makes me look closer at a book, to read the blurb and maybe make a purchase. A poor cover might mean I never look at the blurb at all.

This Week! Kristen Painter!
I never really took to these books but I love the covers!

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In the Beginning there was Chuckles Book Cave...
I used to have what I'd call a lifestyle blog, moaning about life, commenting on things in the news and mentioning what I read and watched. Then I realised how dull my life actually was and I kind of ran out of things to say so I stopped posting on it. I was spending more time at Goodreads taking part in groups and it was then that I became interested in Indie and self published books, and saw how these authors had to work hard to gain any publicity for their books compared to mainstream authors.

I decided that having an actual book blog was the best idea for me. I loved books and read a lot so I could post book reviews, posts about new releases and provide a bit of promo for all these new authors and books I was discovering through read and review groups. I would read it, review it and then actively promote it as much as I could, hoping to maybe get a few of my followers interested in reading it too. I named it Chuckles Book Cave. Chuckles was a self given name because I consider myself grumpy and anti-social and it seemed an ironic nickname. The Book Cave was what I named my bedroom in the days when we had trouble with our former neighbours and I used to sit in there with the lamp on and curtains drawn day and night and read to forget about my problems. So the blog became Chuckles Book Cave.

In 2013/2014 I had to cut back on the read and reviews that I was doing online due to family issues but the blog kept going. The majority of books on the blog are still Indie or self published, along with my favourite mainstream series. I do read a few author requests here and there and I'm also happy to promote books whether I intend to read it or not! I'm always looking to find more blogs of fans of horror, apocalypse, urban fantasy and preppers!

Advice by Chuckles..
I would say vary your posts but obviously stick to things that interest you. I love Game of Thrones so I have one post a week where I chat to other fans of the series. I do book and film reviews, take part in memes, have a discussion topic each week, have posts about book covers, awaited releases and checking out great posts by other blogs. I also like doing book tags. So there are quite a few different posts which I hope appeal to people with varied interests. Sometimes I do posts about shopping splurges and failed DIY! Not everything I try is mega popular so I drop things and try new things in their place. Variety is fun to write and hopefully fun for your visitors! Varied posts, especially memes are a good way to meet new people. Posts about your favourite topics are good ways to meet like minded people!

Secondly, don't get caught up in being obsessed by statistics! I get why stats help in securing Netgalley books but you can't gauge how people like your blog on stats alone. 100 new followers is just a number...ask yourself how many engage and comment on your posts. I'd rather have a small blog following with friends I can engage with on a regular basis as that is satisfying, than thousands of followers I never know! Don't panic when you only get a few comments on each post. Generally, people don't have a lot of time to spend blog visiting so they will put their priority on their favourite posts and regretfully might not have time to comment on every post even if they like them. The number of people who viewed a post give you a better idea of what people like on your blog and can be useful but try and enjoy writing your blog and worry less about those stats.

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Book Release: Running Out Of Space by SJ Higbee

Elizabeth Wright has yearned to serve on the space merchant ship Shooting Star for as long as she can remember – until one rash act changes everything…

I can’t recall whose idea it was. Just that me and my shipmates were sick of wading through yet another unjust punishment detail. So we decide to take ourselves off on a short jaunt to the lower reaches of Space Station Hawking to prove that fertile English girls can also deal with danger.

The consequences of that single expedition change the lives of all four of us, as well as that of the stranger who steps in to save us down in lawless Basement Level. Now I have more excitement and danger than I can handle, while confronting lethal shipboard politics, kidnapping, betrayal. And murder.

Released: October 11th 2017. 

Where can I buy it?
On Amazon now! 99p in the UK! $1.32 in the US!

About the author...

Chuckles Weekend Roundup

Welcome to my new feature Chuckles Weekend Roundup where I will be looking at what books I've received, anything interesting I've done or bought or watched and other random stuff. I'll be taking a look back at what happened in my blogging world too, sort of like The Sunday Post that some of you do! 

Please note that I'll be visiting your STS/SP as normal, but I don't follow or leave comments on blogs run by Google Plus, or DISQUS as I refuse to join something just to leave comments, and I won't allow DISQUS to follow new people, update my profile or post tweets 'on my behalf'. I am the only one who does that on my social media! I won't comment on any blog that makes me sign in using another account. Sometimes, I have problems leaving messages on blogs hosted by Wordpress-they try to block me because I deleted my account with them but I will persevere as it only happens the odd time!
Another week passes and we are marching through October if you can believe that. It is surprisingly mild here with a cool tinge and it looks like we're evading the storm expected to hit England. Last night I was safe and cosy in my warm house, reading part two of A Storm of Swords and loving it! This is the best book so far in the series and I'll be reading more today. Yes the books are long and each will take a while to read but I do feel fully engaged in my reading again which is more important! Due to my Game of Thrones 'stuff' splurge during the week, there hasn't been much book buying going on, just a few downloads from the last couple of weeks that look interesting. 


Chuckles Blogging World:
 It was one of those running through treacle weeks again but I got most of what I needed done. I'm averaging two posts a day which is fine and that might go up with book tags (I'm working on a few) and films I hope to get watching. Horror month has been a bust and I just started another Game of Thrones book instead! Well, it is kind of horror isn't it...? Also, I've been tagged in a blog sharing frenzy on Twitter and there are several hundred messages to look at and a ton of blogs to check out! I haven't had time so far but I 'hope' to check some out today! I'm already following a few new people on bloglovin' through it and will be adding to that this week I hope! It's very exciting so thank you Dragonfly for adding me!

Book Reviews:
There was one review I intended to do this week that I never got round to but other than that I got a few done. With my reading slumps recently, I'm not far behind on my reviews now so I better get my reading into high gear again! 

Paul Mannering-Hell's Teeth

Hunter Shea-Loch Ness Revenge

James Herbert-The Rats

Melinda Braun-Stranded

Regular Posts:
No sampling this week again as I was in a Game of Thrones reading frenzy! I went Around The Blogs With Chuckles as usual, Cover Love featured Angela Hunt, Top Ten Tuesday looked at Ten Favourite Drama TV Shows, and Can't Wait Wednesday featured a new apocalypse series by James Hunt.
Chuckles Cover Love
Around The Blogs With Chuckles
Top Ten Tuesday

Can't Wait Wednesday

Discussion Posts:
This week, Chuckles Chat looked at Reading Goal Pressure and Game of Thrones Gossip was all about Robb Stark.

Chuckles Chat

Game of Thrones Gossip

Film Reviews:
none this week
Special Posts: 
 Last weekend, most of the UK were preparing for the tail end of Hurricane Maria and I posted a bit about that and what I was doing to get ready. I also talked about a Game of Thrones inspired shopping splurge!

Preparing for the Storm

Chuckles Goes Shopping!

Book Tags:
The Fall Book Tag

Book Challenge Updates:
My Goodreads Challenge-191/250

TBR books I own but haven't read-842

Currently Reading/Next Up:
 After a massive reading slump I was finally able to finish part one of A Storm of Swords and I'm currently reading part two which so far is the best I've read. I plan to finish this by Monday maybe then see what I feel like doing!

Next Week on the Blog:
Next week I'll be going around the blogs as usual with maybe a few new blogs being included for the first time! Cover Love features Kristen Painter, Top Ten Tuesday is Reality TV shows I like, Can't Wait Wednesday features some more apocalypse fun, Game of Thrones Gossip is looking at Gendry, Hot Pie and Jaqen H'Ghar, while Chuckles Chat discusses anthologies. I hope to do a few book reviews, maybe a couple of film reviews if I get any watched this weekend and I'm working on a few book tags which is fun! I've been tagged for a blog award so I'll get that posted this week too! 


Friday, 20 October 2017

Chuckles Chat #39 Reading Goal Pressure

Welcome to Chuckles Chat where great blogging minds unite to discuss the topics of the day mainly in the book and blogging world. I'll be sharing my thoughts on a topic and then inviting you all to share your thoughts. It's ok to disagree but PLEASE be respectful of each other's views! All of the comments on my blog are moderated and offensive posts ie racist, bigoted will not be published! 

NB: I don't follow or leave comments on blogs run by Google Plus, or DISQUS as I refuse to join something just to leave comments, and I won't allow them to follow new people, update my profile or post tweets 'on my behalf'. I won't comment on any blog that makes me sign in using another account.  

This week, I'm looking at the pressures of reading goals.

Pressure comes in many different forms but the toughest pressure I deal with is that of my own making. Every year I select a goal for Goodreads-usually 200 books and I have passed that easily each year and went over 250. This year I decided to set a target of 250 and aim for as close to 300 as I could get. Ambitious yes, but I felt it was doable if I could avoid the dreaded reading slumps. Of course I failed to factor in real life ie insomnia, illness, lack of concentration, too busy, rather watch TV etc. I got off to a glorious start when I was healthy, bright eyed and bushy tailed and raring to go! I was motoring through the books happily and only had a couple of minor blips in the spring. 

Summer, as usual has been the start of my downfall. My attention wandered to some TV, a few short slumps crept in and things got busy away from the computer. My health took a bit of a knock (nothing serious as it turned out) and by the time I got to autumn I was starting to flag and was behind where I wanted to be. A week off the blog and changing the Goodreads goal back to 200 this week is to give me space to get my head together. Why did I set such a goal and not think about how achievable it really is? The answer simply is that I feel I need to read as many books as possible to reduce the out of control TBR which dominates my thoughts and makes me cringe. When I'm not reading, I feel I should be. It stops reading being fun and it sometimes feels like a chore to be endured.

Why do I do this to myself? I mean, nobody else is tutting at my number of tbrs or being critical of my reading progress-though I could cheerfully stab that Goodreads graphic on the challenge which points out you are x amount of books behind schedule. I hate that bloody thing! I WANT to reduce the TBR to a manageable level. I obsess about the number (838 as I write this) and I do feel the pressure to do something about it. I get annoyed and frustrated when the tbr goes up or is coming down too slowly. As I refuse to stop buying books, I've backed myself into a corner where my only choice is to read more and then the pressure builds again. Does your Goodreads Challenge or TBR total put pressure on your reading?

The question then becomes how to solve the problem? 
1) Not buying books. Yeah like that is ever going to happen! *guffaws* 
2) Read more. Where the eff do I find the TIME! 


We should be able to choose to have a night of TV or films without sitting thinking guiltily that we should be reading and taming the tbr instead. But I can't help it that I feel I always NEED to be reading. I have to somehow train my brain to accept that it is ok to NOT read every night *trembles* That I can do other things. *sweats* That the TBR does not matter in the grand scheme of things. *gulps nervously* It's not working so far. Does anyone else have this problem?

The dumb thing is that I know I need to be more relaxed about my reading and not let it stress me out so much. I feel I need to look more at trying to mood read from book to book to cut down on the amount of reading slumps. I need to stop doing this habit of picking out everything I plan to read each month and be more chilled about book choice to increase motivation. Above all I think I need to have nights where I do just watch films without guilt. It worked fine during that Deep Blue Terror spell when I was reading and watching in tandem so why is it not working now? I just don't know but I need to find the answers!

Do your reading goals stress you out at times? Do you get agitated when you fall behind? Do you think you have set too many goals or your goals are too difficult? Do you feel you need to be doing the TBR instead of other stuff? How do you avoid reading becoming a chore or your goals giving you a nervous breakdown?

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Book Review: Stranded by Melinda Braun

Searching for some kind of peace after the tragic death of her younger sister, Emma ventures with a hiking group into the massive and treacherous wilderness of the Boundary Waters—a rugged land filled with wild animals, twisting rivers, and, Emma hopes, the quiet solitude she so desperately needs. But Mother Nature has other plans.

When a freak windstorm kills the group’s guide, Emma and three other survivors are left stranded with no compass, no map, and just a handful of supplies. Their only hope is to make it to the mighty Lake Superior, where maybe, just maybe, they will be rescued before it’s too late.

Lost, hungry, and exhausted, Emma and her small group must endure every storm, every dangerous animal, and even the looming threat of hypothermia if they hope to survive. But time is running out—and one fellow camper will do whatever it takes to make it out of the Boundary Waters alive. Even if he’s the only one.

A psychological thriller mixed with intense action, Stranded asks that all-too-important question: What would you do in order to survive?

My Review: 
Emma has never been the same since she survived a car accident a year ago that killed her younger sister Lucy, blaming herself for being unable to save her. She has been struggling to find a way to move on but sees an advert for a week long survival trip for teenagers and decides to join up. In the beginning it is hard work and tiring, but one night it all changes when a freak storm kills their experienced guide and leaves the survivors stranded out in the wild. With fire threatening to destroy their camp, wolves in the woods and little idea of what to do next, they must work together to survive the ordeal which may be easier said than done.

Firstly I need to point out that the blurb is very misleading. It makes it sound as if one of the survivors is ready to kill everyone else to survive but that is not true. One of the group does value his neck more than being part of a group effort, and does a few things that show he cares little about the others but he never attempts to kill or maim anyone, so that is misleading to say the least.

For the most part I liked the story well enough. It covers the day to day challenges of what to do if your experienced guide is no longer there to tell you what to do. They lose much of their supplies in the storm and have to quickly salvage what they can before the fire destroys the camp. Now they face the choice of deciding which way to go to find a safer place with a water supply and hopefully food. How long should they wait there for rescue with a winter storm due to come in a week? Do they risk trying to save themselves by hiking out? How do they find regular food to sustain them? You can put yourself in their position and think about what you would have done in their situation. Do you stay by the lake where you have found decent food and water and where they are more likely to look for you, or try to hike out before the weather turns and supplies run out?

I did find the dilemmas interesting enough but I felt that the book lacked that something to make it really exciting and I think that it comes down to issues with the characters and the dialogue. Emma is the MC and reasonably likable but she wasn't the kind of MC that I would love and root for. She is emotionally damaged by her ordeal but I just don't get why she wants to deal with that by going on a survival hike with strangers in the middle of nowhere where she has to use canoes on the water. To me, she hasn't attempted to deal with her guilt and grief yet and should never have been allowed to do something like this. I don't think I ever really 'get' her which made it harder to connect with her. I found Chloe to be a much more interesting character overall.

Isaac and Oscar to me were let downs. Isaac being selfish and looking to abandon them at the first sign of trouble didn't actually bother me that much as some people would be like that in a similar situation. What bothered me about him was the fact that he first spied on Emma bathing in the water, stole her towel and made her walk naked to him to fetch it. Then he threatened Emma later by pinning her to a tree in a sexual manner, saying he liked screamers and made it look like he was going to strip her. When he drops her to the ground, Emma says 'thanks'????? and that is the end of it. The author seems to then want us to feel sorry for Isaac by telling us his father physically abuses him, but I was having none of that. What he did to Emma, I wasn't going to forgive. I hate this kind of writing where implied sexual violence against women is just brushed off like that.

As for Oscar, he was there as the love interest and his character was just boring. There is no reason at all why he and Emma would get together, no chemistry between them, nothing much in common. It is like he is hot guy and one of the two girls MUST like him. It all felt very forced and shoved in there to add some kind of romance element and to me it never worked. There was also the mood he goes into when he is told to give up his book so they can make a fire and he starts whining about it. Look, I love books but in the cold forest, they need a fire to keep away the animals, possibly signal their position to rescuers AND cook the fish that Isaac caught before it goes off. The fact that he was virtually bullied by the other three before sulkily handing over the book was really quite pathetic.

The dialogue between the characters was actually quite dull in places and I struggled to really understand them and their motivations. The conversations were awkward and stilted, and at times I really failed to see what they were talking about. It didn't feel realistic to me. I couldn't imagine talking like that to my friends so it made the development of these characters feel a bit off. I also felt the ending was a bit disappointing. I discuss this in the next paragraph if you want to avoid it.

***SPOILER ALERT*** Emma is about to be reunited with her parents who have been worried sick about her, and Oscar insists on being there to witness it and holds her hand as they come into the room. Seriously? Is he marking his territory, insisting on being there for a private family moment when he has known her five minutes??? I found that really annoying. Imagine her parents coming in, having thought she was dead, to be faced with a strange boy grinning and holding her hand??? ***SPOILER ENDS***

Look, it was a decent enough story especially aimed at a YA audience but I was expecting a bit more meat on the bones. They never felt like a real team until the final day of the drama when things go really bad. The conversations didn't really work. The characters didn't excite me. I feel it had a lot of promise and good ideas which for me were not fully delivered. I don't think I'll read her next survival book as I just don't feel her writing is really for me, though fans of YA might like it better.

Read July 2017.
2.5 stars. 

Game of Thrones Gossip #38 Robb Stark

Welcome to my Game of Thrones Gossip, where us fanatics get the chance to discuss everything we love about this amazing TV series. I decided to do a whole series of these discussion posts that let us say everything we want and enjoy every second of it! Please feel free to comment fully and without restriction!

I have to warn you that it is important that you have seen all six seasons before reading any of these posts because these posts and blogger comments will be exploding spoilers all over the place. If you haven't watched the series and plan to, be warned that it's a bad idea to be here right now! I take no responsibility if you read on and things are spoiled for you.

Now I'm looking at the main characters introduced in season two, what our season one characters were doing and looking at all the bests bits. Enjoy the season two posts! 

"Tell Lord Tywin, winter is coming for him. Twenty thousand northerners marching south to find out if he really does shit gold." 

Robb continues to lead his army against the Lannisters with his bravery and fearlessness earning him the nickname of 'The Young Wolf'. He has shown great common sense in keeping Jaime Lannister in his ever moving camp rather than lock him a castle where he might be able to bribe his way out or where Tywin can mount a rescue attempt. He has shown that he has a sound tactical mind for warfare, rivaling Tywin Lannister in that respect. He is also aware of the need for allies in this war. He has already allied with Walder Frey and his forces, and in return for their support and safe passage over the bridge, he has agreed to marry a Frey girl. Now he has Catelyn trying to make a deal with Renly and has allowed his best friend Theon to return to the Iron islands to try and ally with Balon Greyjoy, a decision that will have fatal consequences and one that Catelyn does not agree with. He sends peace terms to Cersei which he knows she will never agree to but it shows he means business.

In the aftermath of the Battle of Oxcross, Robb becomes intrigued by Talisa, a medic from Volantis. Catelyn instantly recognises the attraction between the pair and starts reminding Robb of the deal he made with Walder Frey. He knows he is getting good advice but he keeps putting himself in Talisa's path, and becoming more interested in her. It is something that his men notice as well. When news of Theon's betrayal arrives from Winterfell, Robb is furious and is ready to go north to deal with it himself but lets Roose persuade him not to. It is clear that they will lose all their gains if Robb heads home now so Roose offers to send his bastard son Ramsay to retake Winterfell. This time, Robb follows the offered advice but demands that Theon be brought to him alive for punishment. He feels totally betrayed by his friend, someone he viewed almost as a brother. Catelyn can't resist a 'told you so' moment. Both are very worried about Bran and Rickon.

Robb takes more prisoners until his cells are overflowing and puts the Lannister messenger, Alton in with Jaime. He then takes Talisa on a mission to get the Crag to surrender so that she can get medical supplies and while he is gone, Jaime escapes killing Alton and Torrhen Karstark. Torrhen's furious father Rickard vents his spleen at Catelyn and is less than amused that Robb has taken Talisa with him on the mission. Resentment is starting. Robb returns to discover that Catelyn has sent Jaime and Brienne to King's Landing and he is furious that she has released a valuable prisoner, and upset his men. Robb was well aware that however much he loved his sisters, they could not be used to trade for Jaime as he is a knight, a Lannister and a prisoner of massive value. Now he has no leverage against the Lannisters. He decides to leave Catelyn under guard to show her how mad he is with her.

Robb now has men out looking for Jaime and Brienne and still has the headache of Theon to deal with. He and Roose come up with a plan to catch him. Ramsay is to offer a deal to Theon's men-give him up to the Bolton men and they can go back home to the Iron Islands unpunished. Both are happy with the plan and they are certain that Theon's men will betray him to save themselves. Robb hopes that Winterfell can be taken without force and Bran and Rickon will be unharmed. However, both he and Roose have no idea of what Ramsay is going to do with both Winterfell and Theon.

Robb tells Talisa that he doesn't want to marry the Frey girl and Talisa says that she doesn't want him to. The couple start sleeping together and Robb tells his mother that he loves Talisa. Catelyn is sympathetic but warns him again about betraying his vow, saying it might be unfair not to be able to marry for love, but he made a promise that he must keep. Robb decides to ignore her warnings and marries Talisa in a secret ceremony before the Septon. His actions will have tragic consequences.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Chuckles Goes Shopping!

My dad and I have been feeling pretty fed up over the last week or so with insomnia, bad weather and a general sloth attitude. We decided to go out this morning for some good old fashioned retail therapy at the nearest shopping centre. 

I recently discovered that The Works has set up there-a shop I like to browse in plus there is a great clothes store called yours for plus sized people like me! I always check out Waterstones and HMV and try to walk past Thorntons...After two hours of therapy here is what I decided to blow all my money on!

I spied those three magic words as soon as I went into the shop...Game Of Thrones! Yes a whole huge display of Game of Thrones books, toys and collectable things! I kind of went a bit mad and started buying things. I picked up three 8 inch action figures on their own bases-Joffrey, Greyworm and Tywin, to add to my collection. These RRP at £20 but on Amazon can be a lot higher in price. I snapped up each bad boy at £10. Bargain!

Then I saw those 3D mask and wall mount things that I have just seen recently on a couple of blogs. Amazon are selling them at about £15 but the lovely people at The Works are selling it for £10 each! So I bought a Stark direwolf, a Lannister Lion and a Targaryen dragon! I dread to think how long it will take to put the buggers together!

Then I struggled on through the shopping centre with the bag already waering me down! I went into the clothes store Yours which is great for outsize clothes. There are even sizes BIGGER than me!!! A Girl Feels Good About That...I bought this winter sweatshirt...

It has those moving eyes and is very soft and warm and I love this! I'm all set for winter. Then I went into HMV and picked up three cheap films which rounded off a nice day.

Not a bad day out! Fun while it lasted but these shopping days knacker me (and my bank account!!!) but it was worth it!

Have you bought anything good recently?

Book Review: The Rats by James Herbert

It was only when the bones of the first devoured victims were discovered that the true nature and power of these swarming black creatures with their razor sharp teeth and the taste for human blood began to be realised by a panic-stricken city. For millions of years man and rats had been natural enemies. But now for the first time - suddenly, shockingly, horribly - the balance of power had shifted . . . 

My Review:
I first read this book back when I first discovered horror and I enjoyed it but hadn't went back and read it since then. I decided on a horror month re-read so I could write a proper review of it. 

Harris is a school teacher in a deprived part of London where he grew up and despite the challenges, he has a good connection to most of his students. When one of the more difficult boys come into school with a nasty rat bite, it is Harris that takes him to hospital. While he is there he witnesses other rat bite victims being brought in and the doctor says there has been a sudden increase in victims claiming to have been attacked by huge rats.

The government gathers their best expersts and head to the area looking for where the rats are hiding and talk to all those who have been in contact with the rats. Harris is horrified to realise that his student died overnight and that just one bite from these mutant rats is enough to kill the victim. Now the rats are starting to attack people and buildings in huge numbers and ordinary poisons seem to have no effect on them. Gas is effective but can also be harmful to humans and other animals and can only be deployed when rats gather in an isolated area. A plan is hatched to feed a new drug into the rats food supply which is supposed to kill them.

The rats, however are smarter than they are given credit for. They hide in their secret lairs then pour out in a huge group to hunt down humans wherever they are, targeting apartment blocks, cinemas, train stations, trains...and the school that Harris works in. When he looks out of the window and sees waves of rats coming their way, his only thought is that somehow they must defend the school and the children until help arrives...

I really loved this book when I first read it all those years ago but it is clear that my tastes have somewhat changed since that first reading. I still enjoyed the actual rat attacks which were exciting and tense to read, especially the attack on the school. I still found the story to be entertaining and the writing was solid. However I did find that there was too much emphasis on sex in the book-the sex life of our MC Harris as well as that of random people who become rat victims. I felt that this was not necessary for the plot and it became a distraction that I rolled my eyes at every time it appeared on the page.

Still a decent horror read but not as much to my tastes as it used to be.

Read October 2017.
3 stars.  

Can't Wait Wednesday

Can't Wait Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted at to spotlight and discuss books we're excited about but haven't read, which may not even be released yet. 

NB: I don't follow or leave comments on blogs run by Google Plus, or DISQUS as I refuse to join something just to leave comments, and I won't allow them to follow new people, update my profile or post tweets 'on my behalf'. I won't comment on any blog that makes me sign in using another account.  

This week, James Hunt!

What happens when all means of transportation and communication suddenly vanish? What happens when you can’t call for help? What happens when the only person you can rely on is yourself? Captain Kate Hillman is about to discover those answers after an EMP sends New York City, and it’s nine million residents, back into the stone age.

I love anything to do with an EMP so of course I'm going to want to read it. I liked a previous apocalypse series by the author so I'll try this when time allows. It was published on September 17th so it is there to be grabbed!.