Sunday, 19 June 2016

Book Review: Aftermath Apocalypse by A. Horman

On December 21st, 2012 the world changed forever. Now, survivors of that horrific day have started to emerge. However, not all have held onto their values and, in some some cases, their humanity.....

My Review: 
This should have been a really good story. In fact, it WAS a decent enough story which was ruined by one stupid and whiny character that made me want to scream, and dreadful editing!

OK first the plot. Mike has survived the apocalypse and the nuclear fallout with his military unit. Now he decides to set out on his own for the coast to escape the mainland. On the way he rescues Tara from her sex slaver captors but these men are not going to let her go without a fight and Mike becomes a target for revenge.

This book isn't really about the apocalypse, it is about the human filth who use it to behave in ways that were unacceptable and punished in the old world. Now they can rape and murder as much as they want and only people like Mike are prepared to make a stand. I liked Mike and the actual plot as there was plenty of action and interest. It was well written and the story was cohesive, using a flashback to show the moment the world changed-it added to the story because the author used it well and made it fit with everything else.

However. Two things spoiled the book for me. After knowing Tara for a couple of hours, Mike decides he is in love with her. I HATE instaluv in my books, I really do. There is no logic or realism to it and it adds nothing to the darn story. Secondly, who could ever love Tara??? Mike saves her, treats her wounds, refuses to take advantage of her, feeds her, and she starts snapping at him for being a soldier who kills people! If he wasn't a soldier, he wouldn't have been there to rescue the stupid whiny cow! She then gets offended when he refuses her thank you sex ten seconds after accusing him of being a potential rapist. What is wrong with you, dumbass??? Ugh. I hated her whiny self pity and bitchy comments and I hoped Mike would get fed up and shoot her.

Now, self published books do tend to have editing issues and most times I can look by that and focus on the story but the lack of editing in this book was really bad. I'm talking about mistakes on every page and some of them were wowsers. 'as she was drug inside the factor' instead of dragged inside the factory, 'her once betraying the tears' should have had voice instead of once, and so on. It was quite poor and somewhat lazy of the author not to eliminate the worst of these mistakes. I also found the changing name of the MC annoying. On one page he is Mike, then he is Johnson then he is Phantom. Jeez just pick one and stick to it already!!!

This started off nicely but wandered off into something that wasn't great. A re-edit of this book could turn it into something decent.
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